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President & Editor Since April 27, 1995

Sword of the Lord NewspaperDr. Smith, a native of Kentucky, was born December 4, 1942. Saved in September 1951, he announced his call to preach on January 6, 1957 as a fourteen-year-old high school freshman. A pastor for 34 years, he served 17 years at the Church of the Open Door (independent Baptist) in Westminster, Maryland.

Dr. and Mrs. (Betty) Smith were married in 1961. They have two children, Davina and Marlon, and six grandchildren: Jessica, Nicole, Susanna, Caroline, Jonathan and Daniel.


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  • Became President & Editor of the Sword of the Lord in April, 1995
  • Preacher at various national conferences for many years
  • International tour host, Europe & Middle East
  • Conducts Sword of the Lord Conferences, Bible conferences and revival meetings in 60-70 cities annually
  • Pastor of the Church of the Open Door, Westminster, Maryland (1978 – 1995). The church grew under his leadership from 175 in attendance to an average of 1,650 per Sunday with approximately 3,500 members. Hundreds were saved and baptized each year.
  • Writer (See published works)
  • Bachelor of Arts, History and Secondary Education (Union University: 1966)
  • Master of Theology, Systematic Theology (Luther Rice University, 1972, summa cum laude)
  • Doctor of Ministry, Practical Theology, (Luther Rice University, 1976, summa cum laude)
  • Doctor of Theology, (Midwestern Baptist College & Seminary, 2003, magna cum laude)
Published Works
  • Al K. Hall: America's Most Famous Terrorist
  • Are You Ready for Christmas?
  • Assurance Here and Now (ENGLISH)
  • Assurance Here and Now (SPANISH)
  • Assurance Here and Now (Large Print)
  • Autobiography of Ambition
  • Behold the Lamb
  • The Book We Call the Bible
  • Bringing Others to Jesus
  • Behold the Lamb
  • Capital Punishment Revisited
  • Crucified, Risen & Coming Again!
  • Dear Mr. President...What Christians Want Their President to Know
  • Do It Again, Lord!
  • Fly the Flag!
  • Fundamentalism in Focus
  • Great Preaching on Christ, Volume XIX (compiled)
  • Great Preaching on Revival, Volume XVIII (compiled)
  • Great Preaching on the Bible, Volume XX (compiled)
  • Hell is for Real! (English)
  • Hell is for Real! (Spanish)
  • Is Everybody Going to Heaven?
  • Islam: A Raging Storm
  • It's Easter and I'm Excited!
  • It's Easter and I'm Excited! (Large Print)
  • Jesus Paid It All
  • Just Call Me Dad
  • Liberal Choices; Losing Causes
  • Living by Principle
  • Mixed Signals Confuse Salvation Message
  • SBC Conservative "Take-Over" Not a "Make-Over"
  • Scriptural Fellowship
  • The Battle Over Baptism
  • The Good Shepherd
  • The Only Open Door to Heaven (co-author)
  • The Pastor's Friend
  • The Real Story of Christmas
  • The Real Story of Christmas (Large Print)
  • The Real Story of Christmas (Gospel Tract)
  • The Resurrection Makes the Difference!
  • The Special People of Christmas
  • The Special Places of Christmas
  • The Special Promises of Christmas
  • That's My Crowd!
  • This Same Jesus
  • This Same Jesus (Large Print)
  • Upon This Mountain! (Compiled)
  • Upside Down and Right Side Up
  • When Unjust Critics Attack
  • Why I Still Believe the Bible
  • Why I Still Believe the Bible (Large Print)
  • Dr. Smith also writes editorials and feature articles for each issue of THE SWORD OF THE LORD.

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