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Dr. Shelton Smith's Experience and Credentials

  • Became President & Editor of the Sword of the Lord in April, 1995

  • Preacher at various national conferences for many years

  • International tour host, Europe & Middle East

  • Conducts Sword of the Lord Conferences, Bible conferences and revival meetings in 60-70 cities annually

  • Pastor of the Church of the Open Door, Westminster, Maryland (1978 – 1995). The church grew under his leadership from 175 in attendance to an average of 1,650 per Sunday with approximately 3,500 members. Hundreds were saved and baptized each year.

  • Writer

  • Bachelor of Arts, History and Secondary Education (Union University: 1966)

  • Master of Theology, Systematic Theology (Luther Rice University, 1972, summa cum laude)

  • Doctor of Ministry, Practical Theology, (Luther Rice University, 1976, summa cum laude)

  • Doctor of Theology, (Midwestern Baptist College & Seminary, 2003, magna cum laude)

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