Your contributions mean a great deal to the Sword ministry. With your ongoing support we are able to continue heralding the Gospel in churches, colleges and prisons around the world. The Sword of the Lord is a faith-based ministry that is dependent upon the generosity of God's people who give as the Lord impresses them. Often you reduce your tax liability while at the same time you are given to help the soul-winning, missionary outreach of the Sword of the Lord.


  • We are getting the Gospel out around the world – and souls are being saved! Nearly every day's mail brings a letter of testimony from some precious soul who has trusted Christ as a result of the SWORD or some of our literature.

  • We are providing assistance to national pastors and missionaries around the world – and their soul-winning ministries are strengthened!

  • We are assisting chaplains in hundreds of prisons across America – and souls are being saved!

  • We are taking a stand for the Bible and on the issues of our generation! The needs at this time of year are great.

Whatever you are able to do will be a great help! We sincerely appreciate your friendship and we trust the Lord will bless you greatly for pitching in to help us meet the needs.