November 8th and 9th 2019

Sword of the Lord Headquarters
Murfreesboro, TN

Shelton Smith
Jeff Fugate
Mike Allison
David Sumner
Jimmy Barrett
Terry Frala
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Everything is getting in place for a tremendous men’s conference here at the Sword of the Lord headquarters on November 8 and 9. At the risk of sounding too excited, here is my take on it.

Great preaching! Great teaching! Great music! Great fellowship! Great door prizes! Great friends! Great encouragement!

In all candor I just can’t use words like average, mediocre or so-so about any of it. I can’t because it is not average, mediocre or so-so. It is a great event at which we will be greatly blessed and greatly helped.

With Dr. Mike Allison, Dr. Jeff Fugate and Dr. David Sumner preaching once each, plus a dozen work­shops, we will have a lot of good things. With the three of them plus me and our Sword staff—Dr. Frala and Pastor Barrett—con­ducting the workshops, we have much in store!

I will anticipate seeing you here!

Dr. Shelton Smith
President and Editor

Topics include: Holy, Happy and Heavenbound, Always Sweethearts, Dollars and "Sense", A Christian's Role in Politics, Balancing Life, The Media Matter, Seven Subtle Schemes of the Devil, Why All The Fuss Over Music?, Staying Clean in a Dirty World, The Triumphant Christian Life.
Shelton Smith