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Do Something!

Dr. John R. Rice (Archives)

“Then Moses stood in the gate of the camp, and said, Who is on the Lord’s side? let him come unto me.”

—Exod. 32:26.

Exodus 32 tells the sad story of the backsliding of the children of Israel while Moses was on the mount receiving the Ten Commandments from the Lord. Except for the intercession of Moses on behalf of the people, God would have destroyed all of them immediately.

Then read how Moses stood in the gate of the camp and called to all those on the Lord’s side to come to him and take their stand publicly. He then commanded those who did take a stand to buckle on their swords and go through the midst of the camp dealing in judgment on the Lord’s behalf.

The spiritual lesson for us is that in the times when men are departing from the faith, God needs others who will take a stand publicly for Him. Surely that day is upon us! God is looking for people who will stand up for Him publicly and hold real convictions. This is certainly no time not to be all out for the Lord, taking a real stand for Christ.

I have heard my brother, Dr. Bill Rice, tell the story of an incident in the Battle of Chattanooga during the War Between the States.

Two Confederate soldiers were stationed on top of Lookout Mountain where they could observe the battle going on below.

As the battle waged hot and heavy, they were dismayed to see a great host of Union Army reinforcements coming up to help in the battle. The two soldiers knew almost certainly it meant death for the now over whelmed Confederate forces below.

One of the men said, “Boy, I sure am for our men down there, aren’t you?” To which the other soldier replied, “I am not only for them, but in five minutes I am going to be with them!” and plunged down the hill to join the battle against the overwhelming forces.

The lesson is obvious. It is one thing to be for something, another thing to be joined in the battle.

Edmund Burke has said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

In spiritual matters as well as in the battle illustration, it is the person who does something about it that will actually help to win the victory.

There are many people today who are for soul winning but never do any of it. Thousands of Christians are against modernism in their churches, but they are afraid to stand for what is right. The great flood of compromise could be stemmed if those who are for the fundamentals of the faith would really take a stand. So many are not willing to lose friends to stand up for their convictions.

Don’t just be for something; do something about it!

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