Enough Is Enough Already

Something is definitely amiss.

As we celebrated Mother's Day, instead of the sane and normal greeting of “Happy Mother’s Day”, the mentally-disturbed, politically motivated left-wingers would rather have us say, “Happy Birthing Person’s Day.” I’m not kidding!

To them, saying “mom” or “mother” is some kind of a demeaning sexist expression. Frankly, they are so blind and so brazen that you wonder if they are “off their medication.”

The same crowd wants a boy— who “thinks” he is a girl—to be given access to the girls’ locker rooms and allowed to compete in girls’ sporting events.

They want to “take a knee” in protest instead of saluting the flag.

They want to tear down our constitutional republic and institute a socialist regime.

They hate George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan and especially Donald Trump; but they freely quote Lenin, Mao, Marx and Castro.

They clamor for diversity but forcefully insist on having their way about everything.

They talk unity but spend every waking moment creating division.

They give lip service to free speech but ban dissenting opinions, keeping them off social media and the networ