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Because You Give
Our partnership together touches people across America and around the world.

A missionary in a foreign mission field receives a bundle of The SWORD OF THE LORD. When copies are distributed, the gospel is read, leading to souls saved. This missionary also receives free books and pamphlets; many used in his small Bible college as a teaching tool for men entering into the ministry.  This bundle of newspapers and other printed material is free to this missionary, BECAUSE YOU GIVE.

A man hears the "clink" of the jail cell door. He has literally hit rock bottom. His reproachable life has caused him to serve time in a penitentiary. Feeling helpless and hopeless, he begins to pray asking God to help him turn his life around. The next day, a chaplain comes around and talks with him. Having received a free bundle of newspapers from our ministry, he leaves a copy of The SWORD OF THE LORD with the inmate. As the prisoner begins to read, his heart is convicted of his need of Jesus Christ. The man bows his head and calls upon the name of the Lord and is born again, BECAUSE YOU GIVE.

A Pastor sits in his study, discouraged. The fire is gone. The excitement has diminished. He begins to go through his stack of mail and he sees The SWORD OF THE LORD Newspaper that was sent to him because of the generosity of God's people. He reads a sermon on discouragement and the Holy Spirit gently speaks to his heart to "keep on." That free copy of The SWORD OF THE LORD, as well as thousands of other free copies sent to Pastors was possible, BECAUSE YOU GIVE.

Each day we hear stories like what you just read. Thousands of lives have been changed because of the donated copies of The SWORD OF THE LORD as well as tracts, pamphlets, and other literature that is donated. Although free to the one's who receive the material we send, there is a real cost associated with printing and shipping these materials. However, it is possible for these ministries to receive this much needed material, BECAUSE YOU GIVE.

Your tax deductible giving allows stories like those above to continue. Securely donate today to the Sword of the Lord Ministries. Many people around the world can be evangelized, edified, and equipped, BECAUSE YOU GIVE!

Donate Securely Online:


Donate by Phone: 
Call 1-800-247-9673

Donate by Mail:

Send a check or money order to:

The Sword of the Lord
PO Box 1099
Murfreesboro, TN 37133

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I am forever thankful for your partnership with the Sword of the Lord Ministries. Thank you for your generous donation!

                  - Dr. Shelton Smith

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