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Advertise in the Sword of the Lord newspaper.

Advertising in the Sword works: there has never been a better time to advertise your church, ministry, business or event in the Sword of the Lord newspaper. Whether you need a one-time ad or take advantage of our multi-issue ad rates, we invite you to contact us today to discuss your advertising needs. Call us at 800-247-9673, or fill out our online application.

Dennis Leatherman, Pastor

Advertising our church in the Sword has been a very effective means of bringing visitors into our services. We live in a rural resort area where many people from across the Northeast come and vacation—both summer and winter. Christian people see our ads in the Sword and visit with us. Because of the Sword ads, a number of people who had moved to this area have visited and ultimately joined the church. We've heard out-of-town visitors say to us, "We saw your ad in the Sword."

Bob McFarlane

Jesus said that He came to seek and to save that which is lost. So, when I noticed the Amazing Grace Mission ad in the Sword of the Lord, it sparked my interest. I called the number to inquire about the ministry and after receiving the info packet from AGM, I realized that this is an opportunity for me to go and seek the lost!

Andy Bloom, Pastor

Advertising in the Sword of the Lord newspaper has greatly expanded the outreach of Central Baptist Church. Living in Florida, we have many people moving into our area to work or to retire. We have had people join our church and others who have visited us on vacations because we advertise in the newspaper. We know by advertising, we are a part of expanding worldwide missions as the newspaper reaches around the globe—bringing many souls to Christ. Advertising in the Sword has proven to us that we can’t out-give the Lord!​​
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