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Sword advertising works, and there has never been a better time to advertise your church, business, or event in The SWORD OF THE LORD Newspaper! We have new affordable pricing with advertisement space available for every budget. Rather it is a one time ad, or you take advantage of our multiple ad rates, we invite you to contact us today to discuss your advertising needs! Call us at 615-893-6700 or 1-800-247-9673, or fill out our online application here!

Advertise in The SWORD OF THE LORD Newspaper!


Commonly Asked Questions:

What kinds of ads are available?

We have 2 basic types of ads – classified and display. Classified ads are text only while display ads can be text and graphics.


What will it cost?

Classified ads are $1.00 per word with a 25-word minimum.

Display ads are charged by the size of the ad according to our Advertising Rate Sheet.


Can I design my own ad?

Yes! Your designer will need to be aware of our Designer Guidelines for ad submission.


Can I have the Sword design my ad?

Yes! We have a design team that stands ready to help you make your ad pop! Ad creation fees are:

$25 for ¼ page (20” or less)

$50 for ½ page (40”)

$100 for full page (80”)


Can I specify on what page my ad appears?

For full-page ads you can request premium placement on the back page or center spread for an additional charge of $200. Or $275 for center spread.


Does my ad have to be approved by the Sword?

Yes. All ad material is subject to prior approval.


Payment Details

Payment is required in advance unless a prior credit history has been established with the Sword.

Billing terms are net 30 days. A late fee of 1.5% may be charged for any late payments.


If you prepay any multi-issue contract you will receive a 5% discount on the contract price.

If you signed a multi-issue contract and did not fulfill, you will be billed for the difference in the rate paid versus the rate earned on the ads that have run.

No refunds will be issued on ads that are canceled after the closing deadline.

Rates are subject to change without notice. 

Designer Guidelines/Format Requirements

Ads are accepted in pdf or tiff formats.

We cannot accept ads created in Microsoft PowerPoint or Publisher.

Half-tone screens: 100 line

Minimum allowable resolution: 180 dpi

CMYK must be used for color ads with the total ink area coverage not to exceed 280%. (i.e., 70% Cyan, 10% Magenta, 45% Yellow, 62% Black = 187% Total Coverage)

Black text must be 100% black. (No 4-color black)

Dropouts should be no smaller than 12 point; sans serif font show up best. There should be no dropouts in the bottom inch of full-page and half-page ads.

Please preflight your ad using cold web press uncoated in Acrobat.


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