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The Fundamental Broadcasting Network has more than forty stations here in the United States, plus their foreign outlets. We are on FBN Monday through Friday at 11:30 a.m (EDT). Here is a list of their current stations.

Los Molinos—KTEH 98.9 FM


Terryville—WJYC 105.3 FM

Dover—WJHW 96.1 FM

Ocala—WTYG 107.1 FM
Sparr—WTVG 91.5 FM

Brunswick—WWZR 100.3 FM
Soperton—WRJS 88.1 FM

Vincennes—WYTJ 88.1 FM

Hagerstown—VHGT 1590 AM
Lexington Park—WOTJ 88.7 FM
Oakland—WOTJ 88.7 FM

Pryor—KPGB 88.3 FM

New York
Jamestown—WPGM 104.7 FM



North Carolina
Newport (headquarters)—
Ayden—WOTJ 91.9 FM
Clayton—WHPY 1590 AM
East Fayetteville—WWFJ 88.1 FM 
Edenton—WOTJ 90.7 FM
Elizabeth City—WOTJ 90.7 FM
Farmville—WOTJ 89.5
Henderson—WOTJ 91.1
Monroe—WOTJ 88.1
Morehead City—WOTJ 90.7 FM
Newton Grove—WYBJ 90.7
Princeton—WOTJ 103.1 FM
Wilmington—WGHW 88.1 FM
Wilson—WBIC 97.3 FM
Winston-Salem—WPIP 880 AM

Erie—WBTB 107.9 FM
Indiana—WFSJ 103.7 FM


South Carolina
Rock Hill—WRHJ 93.1 FM
St. George—WWOS 91.9 FM/ 810 AM
St. Matthews—WPOG 710 AM
Sumter—WSSC 1340 AM

Sneedville—WSDC 88.5 FM


Collinsville—WFIC 1530 AM
Edinburg—WOTC 88.3 FM
Harrisonburg—WOTC 94.7 FM


West Virginia
Bernardstown—WMLJ 89.7
Nimitz—WMLJ 96.7
Summersville—WMLJ 90.5 FM


Douglas—KFCB 105.1 FM


FBN also has local stations in the following countries: Haiti, Iraq, Peru, Ghana, Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, Togo, Liberia, Nepal, China, the Philippines and Cameroon.

Independent Stations

Carrollton, Georgia
WEYY 88.7 FM
(8:30 a.m. EDT)
on, Tune In Radio app.

Haines City, Florida
WLVF 90.3 FM
(8:00 p.m. EDT)
or online at

Linton, Indiana
WYTJ 89.3 FM
(1:30 p.m. EDT)

Other Stations Welcome!

If you have a local station and want to carry the broadcast, we will be pleased to work with you.

Call Marlon Smith, our Executive Vice President (615-893-6700), and he will help you get set up.


Our program is called Making a Difference and we certainly hope it will be a blessing to you!

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