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89th Birthday of The Sword of the Lord

Today (September 28th 2023) marks 89 years that the Sword newspaper has been in publication. As we begin the 90th year, we believe that the clarion, clear voice of the Sword of the Lord is needed now more than ever. Through the years, we have proclaimed the Gospel, promoted revival and soul winning, embraced the authority of Scripture and declared the doctrines etched in the written Word. We have taken a stand for truth, holy living and a separated lifestyle. We have emphasized the Spirit-filled life, warned of God’s coming judgment, heralded the second coming of the Lord Jesus, supported the local church, assisted families and encouraged God’s people every step of the way. That’s who we are. That’s what we believe, and that’s where we stand.

Yes, all of that and more! And here’s why!

1. The world is in turmoil. Hate, hostility, greed, etc., are being given free rein in many places. It is the harvest of a world that has rejected God; consequently, hurt and heartache are on full display.

2. Our nation is collapsing in corruption. There are people in our ranks now who are in positions of authority, yet they hate our country. They intend to destroy our constitutional republic and replace it with a neo-Marxist dictatorship. They are moving swiftly toward that end.

3. Our churches are embedding themselves in the culture. It is a sad and sorry spectacle, but we have seen it unfold before our eyes in recent decades. Thousands of churches here in America have abandoned their biblical moorings and adopted the loose mores of the culture. These churches no longer look like a church, sound like a church or act like a church. The results of such insanity are catastrophic.

4. The schools have fallen into disarray. So much has gone so wrong, and so little is now right that the schools are broken beyond repair. The “woke” indoctrination is being pushed on the kids from kindergarten on up.

5. Families are dysfunctional. One of the greatest tragedies in American society is the failure of families to be family. The issues are many with marriages and with parenting. The breakdown of the family unit leads to total breakup in millions of cases.

None of these crisis issues stand alone. They each contribute to one or more of the others. We believe it is important to diagnose the dilemma and then prescribe real God-given solutions.

Our churches are where solutions can be found. We need to be open for business and willing to be bold in our efforts.

Preaching! Teaching! Fellowship! Soul winning! Bus routes! And much, much more!

Unless we get things headed right, our nation will not long be a free nation. If we lose our freedom, we will all be enslaved.

I’m not crying “wolf” because I saw a house cat. I’m making a case for us to continue doing what we do every day and encouraging others to join us in the work.

The fact is—it is not just a “wolf,” but a wolf pack that is roaming the landscape and attacking violently and viciously all that we hold dear.

As we enter the Sword’s 90th year, we do so with urgency and fervency. This is no time to coast or to drift. It is the time to man up and give the Lord our very best.

- Dr. Shelton Smith


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