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The New Religion of Wokeism

I’m sure you’ve heard the term woke as it gets bantered all about these days. It is a definitive term that describes the chant and cry of a new crowd of revolutionaries.

They live here within the boundaries of the land of the free and the home of the brave, but they are committed to something altogether foreign to the values of our founders. Rejecting all things Christian and despising the Jews, they are fermenting turmoil with the intent of “fundamentally transforming” (Barack Hussein Obama) America.

Who is the woke mob? Why are they so angry? What are they up to?

1. Newly Minted

The term woke broke onto the stage of our society in the early 1960s, but only in the last two decades has it become an openly avowed movement in America. With pro-communist radicals like the founders of the phony Black Lives Matter group and other neo-Marxist revolutionaries, they have taken to the streets burning, looting and even killing to achieve their agenda.

Others of the same vintage are less violent but are fermenting discontent on college campuses and demanding time in front of the network cameras.

2. Satanic Agenda

The woke mob is decidedly anti-Christian, anti-American and anti-Israel. They despise the Bible and the U.S. Constitution. They may profess atheism, agnosticism or some brand of liberal, false Christianity; in reality, they are humanists (totally focused on humanity, without God, no authority higher than man) and often hedonist (the pursuit of pleasure, sensual self-indulgence) as well.

In line with their neo-Marxist leaning, they are willing to do almost anything and everything to reach their goals. They are so amoral as to be immoral in that they will lie, cheat and steal to get their way.

They have mastered the art of divide et impera (divide and conquer) and constantly create straw man issues to divide the country.

Instead of free speech, freedom of the press and freedom of religion, the wokesters are the most intolerant players ever to be seen on the American stage. It is their way or no way at all. To them, freedom now means that you and I must agree with them and do whatever they demand.

Once they get a foothold, their intolerance quickly evolves into totalitarianism. If you speak up and stand up, they will do whatever it takes to muzzle you and control you. Their game plan is so despicably wicked that it has the fingerprints of Satan upon it.

3. Woke Details

Building on the themes of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), the woke ideologies are pressing hard to force complicity on everyone. As innocent as DEI may seem, in actuality, it is a wicked agenda they are pursuing. Their radical ideals include:

  1. Abortion (killing unborn babies).

  2. Infanticide (killing born babies).

  3. The normalization of homosexuality, which God calls an abomination (Lev. 18:22).

  4. Same-sex marriage (men marrying men, women marrying women).

  5. Men who “identify” as women competing in women’s sports.

  6. The transgender dysphoria which says you can pick another gender if you don’t like your biological gender.

  7. Exposing children to sexual deviancy in schools as early as kindergarten.

  8. Drag queens performing in front of children at libraries, schools and even some churches.

  9. Intimidating corporations into supporting their organizations financially and otherwise.

  10. Using legislative and judicial decisions to advance their radicalism.

  11. Smearing conservatives and Christians in an effort to discredit them and diminish their influence.

  12. Using the media to further their cause.

  13. And numerous other related items.

4. So, What Do We Do?

Some time ago, Betty and I watched a Sean Hannity interview with Reince Priebus on the Fox Network. Priebus said, “The pulpits are too much cotton candy and ice cream. The clergy needs to step up and take a stand.” That is from a political player, and he is so right. But whether you are a preacher, a politician, a plumber or a parent, all of us can use our influence to oppose this nonsense.

It is encouraging to see that there is starting to be a backlash against much of this. After several players spoke up, the National Hockey League said no more “pride uniform” promotions. Even the MLB front office has said no more “pride uniform” displays. The Texas Rangers baseball team has said “no” to the pride nights. The Los Angeles Dodgers got major pushback over their honoring drag queens at their pride night.

There appears to be a growing rejection in which many people are saying,

“Too much already; enough is enough.”

This whole thing is a battle. It is often messy, but it is a battle we must not fail to fight.

5. Is Wokeism a Religion?

For all practical purposes, it is exactly that. These people have rejected God and are hostile toward anyone who lines up with God. Instead, they have embraced this wokeism with a fevered advocacy tantamount to a new religion.

6. The 21st Century Sodom?

Will America become the 21st-century version of Sodom and Gomorrah? If this wokeism continues to flourish and gain ground, it will, indeed. Sadly, we already have pockets of it in various places around the nation. Even though they are a small percentage of the population, if we allow them to have their way, our nation will indeed become another Sodom. If that happens, America, like Sodom, will collapse and wind up on the scrap heap of nations that once were but are no more.

We simply cannot survive such moral depravity and degradation.

7. Let’s not sleep through this revolution.

If these woke-wackos get their way, they will silence you and shut down your church. The homosexuals marching stark naked through the streets shouting, “We’re coming for your children,” are getting plenty of traction.

If we say nothing and do nothing, you can only imagine what will happen as the woke mob gets even more control.

Now is the time! Let’s keep hoisting the flag of truth to the top of the pole every single day.


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