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89th Sword Anniversary

Later this month (September 28) will mark 89 full years since Dr. John R. Rice started the Sword of the Lord newspaper.

As the years have rolled by, the Lord has graciously allowed us to touch the lives of uncounted multitudes of people. Pressing the cause for revival and soul winning, we have made the case for Bible truths, local churches, godly living and strong families.

When the Sword of the Lord started publication, the USA was in the throes of a great economic depression. World War I had ended less than 20 years earlier, and World War II was soon to begin.

Troubled by the capitulation of church leaders and the dysfunction of so many churches, Dr. Rice saw the need for a publication that would speak strongly and clearly.

As your “missionary to the world,” we are working with missionaries and national pastors in many countries around the globe.

We have trained thousands of soul winners who are leading many thousands to Christ. Our soul-winning club videos and materials are being used by hundreds of churches worldwide. This part of our ministry has helped churches large and small to be fruitful in the winning of souls.

By providing the Sword of the Lord for prisons all across America, we are ministering to a lot of incarcerated men and women.

Through our “Making A Difference” radio ministry, we air the program five days a week on more than 70 stations, plus the Sword website.

The National Sword of the Lord Conference, the Sword Men’s Conference and our regional conferences are all geared to encourage and strengthen pastors, churches and families.

Our publishing of books, pamphlets and tracts provides what we believe is “the world’s finest Christian literature.”

We are also a major promoter and distributor of the King James Bible.

Dr. Rice manned the Sword ship for 46 years. Dr. Curtis Hutson followed Dr. Rice and was here for 14 years. It has been my privilege to be Editor number three for the past 28 years.

Since Dr. Rice and Dr. Hutson left us a lot of their writing, it is my delight to keep both of them visible in the Sword. This generation needs to be influenced by them.

As we begin the Sword’s 90th year, we want to make it a good year, a fruitful year and an influential year.

Let’s keep the flag of faith flying high. Let’s keep preaching and teaching God’s Word faithfully and fervently. Let’s keep church on the front burner. Let’s keep going after folks who need the Saviour. Let’s keep taking a stand for truth and standing against the evils of our day.

If the thousands of churches across America will show up, stand up and speak up, it will not only make a difference for eternity, but it will also impact the streets in your town.

So, my friends, let’s stand together and pull together. Let’s give the Lord our very best and trust Him to use us each day.

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