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Succeeding Against Stress

The push and shove of a busy world brings pressure to all of us. If we are not careful, the pressure will produce stress that will not be good for us.

Rather than get “all stirred up with no place to go” I want to offer some very workable ideas which I hope you will apply freely.

1. Read your Bible. Look for principles that apply, promises that empower and persons that set a worthy example to follow.

2. Recognize causes of stress and try to eliminate these causes whenever possible or practical.

3. Cease the doing of foolish or fruitless things which may be stressful.

4. Rearrange things to bring relief.

5. Identify manipulators, users and intimidators and have as little contact with them as possible.

6. Organize your life each day. Put God-given priorities in a top position in your life.

7. Smile a lot. Laugh a good bit. Don’t be solemn all the time.

8. Cultivate a friendship or two that are wholesome, healthy and not stressful.

9. Make every effort to have a sweet and happy relationship with your family, especially those who live at the same address as you.

10. Give a positive accent to your personality. Avoid being cranky, analytical, critical and caustic.

11. Exercise, even if it’s just a little, a couple of times each day. Take a brisk ten-minute walk or play some game you enjoy (Ping Pong, basketball, softball, handball, etc.).

12. Remember, sexuality is a gift from God. If this is an area of stress, you should seek godly counsel, whether married or single, to prepare yourself for wholesome, healthy and biblical behavior in this area.

13. Avoid the intake of books, magazines, TV, etc., that may initiate wrong thoughts and behavior in you.

14. Avoid going to places that may be of a negative influence (bars, dances, etc.).

15. Pray each day, quietly, pri­vately, at a regular time and place!

16. Read good books: biographies of great Christians, Christian poetry, etc.

17. Be in church Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night, every week, fifty-two weeks a year. Listen to the preaching, take notes, study them carefully.

18. Be involved in at least one ministry of the church. You need an outlet in which you share yourself in service to Christ.

19. Listen a lot and talk a lot less than you listen. (Exception: If you are prone to silence, exercise your tongue and talk some.)

20. Forgive yourself when you fail. Keep trying. Don’t despair over failure.

21. Never, never, ever quit. Keep on keeping at it.


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