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The 2023 National Sword Conference Is Quickly Approaching!

In less than one month we are planning to be in Walkertown, NC at the Gospel Light Baptist Church for the National Sword Conference. Folks, this is not “just another meeting.” We have an agenda. Without apology, we believe this is a crisis hour all across our nation. The nation is crumbling from within and it is being stalked from without.

Some churches have compromised themselves into irrelevant entertainment centers, while others are quietly vegetating and slowly sinking into oblivion. Such behavior from God’s people has little or no influence for God and for good upon the Hell-bound multitudes of our citizens.

When the work of God is stagnant, the nation stalls out, the enemy creeps in and the future of the nation is threatened.

All of that means that we need a rekindling of the fire. We need to renew our vision and dream the dream again. We need to solidify our convictions and regain the courage to declare them strongly.

The National Sword Conference is dedicated to helping families and churches. It is designed to assist leadership in their obedience to the Word of God, their pursuit of the will of God and their diligence in the work of God.

17 Preaching Times!

Just look at this lineup! I will be the first speaker on both Monday and Thursday nights. The other 15 preachers are Dan Carr, Sr., (Faith Baptist Church, Gulfport, MS); Matt Morrison, (Gospel Light Baptist Church, Walkertown, NC); Ron Titus, (Cornerstone Baptist Church, Owings, MD); Mike Wells, (Parkside Baptist Church, Mesquite, TX); Lou Rossi, (Granite Baptist Church, Glen Burnie, MD); Jeff Fugate, (Clays Mill Baptist Church, Nicholasville, KY); Jerry Ross, (Blessed Hope Baptist Church, Jasonville, IN); Jayson Godsey, (Faith Baptist Church, Cadillac, MI); Richard Harper, evangelist, (King, NC); Norris Belcher, (Church of the Open Door, Westminster, MD); Mike Allison, (Madison Baptist Church, Madison, AL); Dennis Leatherman, (Mountain Lake Independent Baptist Church, Oakland, MD); George Alquist, (Grace of Calvary Baptist Church, Erie, PA); John Hamblin, evangelist, (Canton, MI); Joe Arthur, (Harvest Baptist Tabernacle, Jonesboro, GA).

Heartwarming Church Music!

The congregational music will be led by Dr. Sterling Walsh, (Lighthouse Baptist Church, Dover, Pennsylvania), with David Chamberlain at the grand piano (FaithWay Baptist Church, Evansville, IN). The special music (groups, duets, solos, etc.) will be given by the Barnes Family, (Gospel Light Baptist Church, Carrollton, GA); the Smith Family, (Temple Baptist Church, Murfreesboro, TN); Sounds of Faith, (FaithWay Baptist Church, Evansville, IN); the Lawson Family, (New Heights Baptist Church, Reidsville, NC); Lonnie Moore, (Nicholasville, KY); Sterling Walsh; Ford Glover, (Suburban Baptist Church, Indianapolis, IN); and Chuck Harding, evangelist, (Upper Marlboro, MD).

The Early Morning Workshops!

At 8:30 a.m., Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Chris Shepler, author of Forewarned and Forearmed, will be teaching an exposé entitled “Combating Calvinism.” Also, at 8:30 a.m., we will have an optional series. On Tuesday, Pastor Jim Townsley will have a session on “Church Planting.” On Wednesday, Attorney Jim Robideau will provide a session on legal issues. On Thursday, Chuck Harding will present a session on “Politics and Patriotism.”

The Afternoon Workshops!

At 1:30 p.m., Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, my School of the Prophets sessions are “All About Church.” Pastors, church staff, deacons, bus workers, soul winners—everybody who loves church—will find these sessions helpful. This is the twenty-ninth year in which we have taught these “nuts and bolts” sessions to help churches of all sizes. Jim Townsley and Jeff Fugate will join me in presenting these sessions.

The Ladies’ Jubilee!

Melanie Smith and Betty Smith will host these sessions for women. The speakers are Joy Morrison (pastor’s wife, Gospel Light Baptist Church, Walkertown, NC); Kathy Ashley (daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Mike Allison, missionary and pastor’s wife in Puerto Rico and Sword published author); and Janet Walsh (pastor’s wife, Lighthouse Baptist Church, Dover, PA and Sword published author).

The Music Workshop!

Sterling Walsh conducts these sessions on church music. He will be assisted by several of the other men on the conference music schedule. If you do anything (or want to do so) in your church’s music, you will be helped by attending.

So, you can see that there will be a lot of good things, a full schedule for July 17–20. We are excited about it and looking forward to it. We surely hope you will be there with us. For more information, be sure to visit our conference section on our website at !


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