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Who Is Really "the Boss"?

Just this week I overheard a conversation in which a small business owner was boasting out loud, “I’m my own boss.” As I pondered his braggadocio, I said to myself, Sounds like good work if you can get it.

On another occasion I remember hearing a fellow with a rebel’s heart rail out, “Nobody’s going to boss me around.” I’m guessing somebody was doing exactly that or he would not have been so angry and so loud.

I remember hearing Dr. Clyde Box tell the humorous story of one of his granddaughters who, at age three, announced to him, “I’m the boss of me.” We chuckled with him and enjoyed the story.

Some of our Sword staff will sometimes introduce me as ‘their boss.’ I’m not especially fond of the title, but neither am I offended. I know what they mean and they use the term with respect and affection so it doesn’t bother me.

Well, all of this got my mental wheels to turning. I ask myself and I will ask you: Who is really “the boss”?

Or let me restate that. Who is “your boss”? Am I in charge of me, or have I surrendered myself to some other “boss”?

When I refer to the “Lord” Jesus Christ, what am I saying?

Consider this. The word “lord” in the New Testament can be kurios (meaning “master, owner”) or despotes (a master with supreme authority) or megistan (the superlative of megas, great men, chief men).

Aha! When I say “Lord” what I’m really saying is He is the “Boss.” Indeed, since we are born-again children of God, He should be our “Boss.” As servants of God, there should be no question about whose orders we follow. Amen!

Some applicable thoughts—

1. No one of us can adequately “boss” himself without multiple, major missteps as he goes.

2. No one else (no philosopher, no teacher) can “boss” us the way the Lord Jesus Christ does.

3. No other “boss” can do for us what Jesus does: salvation, sanctification, provision, protection.

4. No other “boss” transcends time and eternity.

5. No other “boss” can promise Heaven and deliver what he promises.

6. No other “boss” is worthy of a lifetime of devotion from us, but Christ is altogether worthy.

7. No one of us, not even one, will come to the finish line and say, “I’m sorry I let Him ‘boss’ me.” I’ve seen any number of the saints of God draw their last breaths and they always finish grateful, triumphant and without regrets. Amen!

Even though it may seem a bit “bossy” of me, I will still raise the question, Who is your “boss”?

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