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Reopen, Revive, Reset

As the president and the governors of the fifty states set the agenda for reopening everything, our churches must figure out how they are going to handle the transition time.

Because of the ongoing uncertainties and what we hear from our Capitol, what cities do may vary from one day to the next.

Reopening now could cause a surge in the corona outbreak and result in a spike of deaths. But a failure to reopen is not without fatal consequences either. I’m already hearing reports of increased deaths by drug overdoses, suicide and a variety of other causes. After all, the liquor stores have been open throughout this ordeal; and with people idle at home, you know the Devil is having a field day.

The risks will be with us for a while, but I believe most of us are ready to get back to some degree of normalcy.

I’m still excited and I’m ready to see our country open and our churches open.

Reopen, Then Revival

When I talk about revival, I’m not talking about a week of meetings. I’m talking about what we will need to get things happening.

After all these weeks out of church, a lot of us are going to be spiritually cold. Others are starving for spiritual food and will be eager to have their feet under the table again.

When we get church open, let’s sing the songs of revival. Let’s not do an apology tour. Let’s not form a discouragement committee. Let’s pray for power. Let’s preach with Holy Ghost unction and a fire in our bones. Let’s give invitations and let’s get reacquainted with the altar.

Oh, dear folks, let’s not piddle. Let’s stop pampering and pandering. Let’s reopen full throttle with a spirit of revival. We all need it. It is what our country needs right now. Let’s not fail to deliver what we by God’s grace can deliver.

Revive and Reset

Getting the services back on schedule is step number one. Immediately thereafter we should “push the reset button” on the entire ministry.

These times have made many people vulnerable. Physically, financially and otherwise the stress has been real. It will take time to recover from what we have suffered. We need to be sensitive and supportive in whatever way we can.

When we get back to church, we need to make up our tithe, start soul winning and get plugged in to serve.

So come on, folks; let’s do it.

Reopen? Yes!

Revive? Yes!

Reset? Yes!

Amen! Amen! Amen!

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