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Crisis After Crisis Threatens USA

Just when you think you’ve seen and heard just about everything, you are alarmed to discover that another crisis has hit.

One of my greatest concerns is that the American people will not be alarmed. Especially am I con­cerned to see so many churches cave in to the pressures and buy into whatever cultural issues are trending at the moment.

The so-called “woke” culture is nothing more and nothing less than a wicked attack on our faith, our families and our freedom. We should know by now that “woke is no joke.” It is not funny, but very, very serious.

Right alongside the “woke” revo­lutionaries you’ll find the “cancel” culture. If you do not agree with them or if you dare to exercise your First Amendment free speech rights, they will shut you off and shut you down in order to shut you up.

Big Tech and any number of large corporations have now charted a “woke” agenda for their compa­nies. In their thinking it is not enough for them to be “woke,” but they also are on the attack against anybody and everybody who doesn’t go “woke” with them.

I’ve said for years that many liberals are mean. They are intol­erant and vicious. They may play nice when they get their way, but let them get full charge and they will show their tyrannical and totalitarian instincts.

Building on a foundation of atheism, humanism, hedonism and socialism, their Marxist ideals demand that they get control of the government, the media, the schools and even the churches.

This is a war but it is a war from within. Outside forces are not storming our shores (at least not yet), but they have crept in among us. In a stealthy manner they have gained access and positioned them­selves in many places. They are in the government, the media, the schools and, yes, the churches. They are revolutionaries who hate us and they want to destroy all we know and all we treasure.

If this nonsense is not stopped, our country will implode from within.

With the weak leadership we now have in the White House, the rest of the world is mocking our country.

Could China or Russia undertake an all-out effort to overrun us and invade our nation?

Could Iran, the Taliban and other such groups send their terrorists through our southern border to go about their deadly assignments?

Well, I don’t think you have to be an international expert on foreign affairs to figure out the answer to both of those questions.

Are we in a mess? I mean, is the country in real trouble? Yes, we are!

Let’s Stand Up and Be Counted!

Just as surrender to these ele­ments is not an option, even so, neither should silence be an option.

If good, godly people cower in fear, these vile, dissident, traitor­ous ruffians will sweep away all that is dear to us.

So, what can we do?

1. We can fill the church house! Jesus told us to “bring in hither the poor, and the maimed, and the halt, and the blind” (Luke 14:21).

He said that we were to “go out into the highways and hedges.” And for what? “…that my house may be filled” (vs. 23).

2. We must build strong families! The breakdown of the family has for several decades been a major national catastrophe. Dad and Mom need to be married (amen!) and they both need to be engaged in the rearing of the kids (amen, again).

Little League is not as important as Sunday school. Shooting hoops in the driveway is more important than staring incessantly at a cell phone or tablet.

If we get our citizens making the trek to the house of God faithfully, it will turn our nation back to where it needs to be in every way.

3. We must proclaim Bible truth! From the pulpit, in the classroom, in the media and at the kitchen table the Bible, God’s holy Word, must be given full-faith and one-hundred-percent embrace. We must preach and teach it fully, frequently and fervently.

4. We must go after converts! Our churches must regain their Great Commission mandate, train soul winners, take the Gospel to the streets and become salvation centers.

5. We must stand with those who stand! Remember Paul’s charge to Timothy: “Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me his prisoner: but be thou partaker of the afflictions of the gospel according to the power of God.”—II Tim. 1:8.

Personally, I can tell you I could not do most of what I do every day except for those who stand with me.

6. We must have convictions and courage! Let me put it this way: If the milk is sour and the meat is spoiled, it is my strong recommendation that you not eat at that table.

Take on Bible convictions and ask the Lord for His anointing of courage; then live by your con­victions.

If you are tied to something that has gone sour, cut the cord and make a clean break.

Time is wasting. Today is the day. Do it, rejoice in the Lord and press forward. Amen!

7. We must use our influence where we are. In addition to all of our church-related efforts, there are many ways to make our influence felt. You can back the blue (police, firemen, EMTs, etc.). You can run for office or encourage other good people who do. You can vote. You can also work at the polls to help ensure voter integrity.

You can call the radio talk shows. You can attend city council meet­ings and speak your piece. Give it some thought. You’ll find ways to be an influence in your town.

Illustrations That Instruct and Motivate

When Joseph (Gen. 37–50) be­came an overseer in Potiphar’s house, an overseer in the prison and then the “vice president” of Egypt, he clearly showed us a path to follow in troublesome times.

When David (I Sam. 17) grabbed his slingshot and went out to face an enemy much bigger than he was, he demonstrated the values and the valor of a true champion.

When Nehemiah (Neh. 1–6) set out alone to rebuild Jerusalem, the task was huge; but he, with God’s favor, got it done.

When Elijah (I Kings 18) stood up to Ahab, Jezebel and the 850 false prophets, he never seemed to flinch because he was outnum­bered. He called upon God and won the day.

When Daniel (Dan. 1) resolved that, in spite of his unfavorable circumstances, he would “not defile himself,” he charted a course that kept the favor of God every step of the way.

When the Jerusalem church (Acts 4–7) came under attack, Peter and the other apostles said, “We ought to obey God rather than men” (5:29). As they walked away from a mandated appearance before the authorities, they did so “rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name” (vs. 41).

When the apostle Paul was thrashed and imprisoned (Acts 16) he left there and went to Thessalonica. He could have showed up whining, limping and full of self pity, but instead “even after that we had suffered before, and were shame­fully entreated, as ye know, at Philippi, we were bold in our God to speak unto you the gospel of God with much contention” (I Thess. 2:2).

“With much contention” tells me that Thessalonica wasn’t a cakewalk either.

What precious testimonies! What courageous men! What encourage­ment and how instructive they are to us!

• • •

So, my friends, let’s dig in! Let’s stand tall! Let’s be excited! Let’s not get discour­aged! Let’s give the Lord our best! Let’s do what we know is right! Amen!


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