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National Crisis, Eternal Solutions

In the past month several people have asked me, “Why is our country going so wrong and what can we do about it?”

It is obvious even to a casual observer that a lot of things are going crazy wrong all across the globe. Christians have insight that others do not have and they see things that others do not see.

Even here in the USA where our country has been a beacon of light, the darkness has taken hold in a devastating way.

Why has that happened? You want to know the bottom line?

Every human being is born with a corrupt nature. That nature will not be held in check unless there is a spiritual rebirth which provides us a new nature. A God-given new nature, if fed and nurtured, can overwhelm the old nature and stop it from doing so many bad things.

If, however, there is no spiritual rebirth, the corrupt nature spawns a fallen world. The result of the corrupt nature and the fallen world is a broken society. Everything becomes fouled and dysfunctional. Today it is happening right before our eyes.

What can we do about it? What should we do about it?

1. We can believe God and trust Him again!

Whatever He tells us in HisWord, we can have full confidence that it is right. You and I can act on it and trust Him with it.

2. We can put our family on notice!

As Joshua of old, “as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD” (Josh. 24:15). With such clear[1]thinking resolve we can set things in order and do them.

3. We can get back to having church!

Church is supposed to be something special. It is designed to honor the Lord (Eph. 3:21). It should not be constantly evolving to accommodate the whims of a worldly culture.

4. We can build a fire in the pulpit again!

As important as it is to teach and preach the truth, it is also important that it be presented with enthusiasm. If the fire is lit in the preacher’s heart, it will not be difficult to fire up the pulpit at preaching time.

5. We can awaken the altars again!

Just as there needs to be a time to respond (the invitation), there needs to be a place to respond (the church altar).

6. We can become aggressive in reaching people!

Train soul winners. Knock on doors. Run buses. Canvass neighborhoods. Distribute literature.

7. We can raise our voices and take a stand.

Go to the polls and vote every election. Don’t be afraid to stand for truth and right when issues come up in your town.


Our country cannot survive long on its current course. Our freedom is eroding rapidly. The solutions we need are found in the Bible and they should be heralded without fear. What can never be accom[1]plished with federal grants can be done with the touch of Heaven upon God’s people.

Folks, let’s dig in and let’s go after what we need. The day is growing dark, the need is now and it is up to us to do it.


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