Praying Fervently, Standing Firmly

Dr. SheltonSmith

Jesus gave us a precise order when He said, “Occupy till I come” (Luke 19:13).

Whatever the weather, the word is “occupy.” However convoluted the circumstances, the agenda is unchanged.

When we are “pressed out of measure” (II Cor. 1:8), we cannot allow discouragement to victimize us and take us captive.

To “occupy” suggests that we hold our ground.

To “occupy” may mean discomfort, even danger.

To “occupy” means there is a commitment to the cause.

To “occupy” is very likely more than a one-man job.

To “occupy” demands a 24/7 vigilance. To “occupy” requires a diligence toward detail.

To “occupy” will not be cheap, but it will be worth the price we pay.

With the devastating White House executive orders, the censorship of Big Tech, the threat of Antifa, the demise of the media, etc., we understand that we simply cannot fail to “occupy” as Jesus ordered.

The survival of our nation is at stake.

The continuance of our liberty is at risk.

The privilege of our First Amendment rights is in jeopardy.

The existence of our churches is under siege.

The oppressive overreach of the government is looking ominous.

The secularization of our populace is already a long way toward reality.

The criminalizing of normal Christianity is happening on a daily basis now.

The liberal, so-called progressive crowd now have control of the White House, the Senate, the House of Representatives, and much of the massive bureaucracy. They clamor for “equality” and “tolerance” while being the most aggressive opponents of both. There can be little doubt that we have some rough sailing before us in the months ahead.

But let me be clear. This is no time to let up, give in, or back off. We need to “occupy.”

Every pulpit in this land needs to be lit up with the fire and unction of the Holy Spirit of God.

Every church coast to coast and border to border needs to give themselves to making a major impact in their locale.

If we are serious and if we are aggressive, we could yet salvage our nation and win this generation to Christ.

If we are a