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Red, White and Boo!

The red, white and blue of our flag has always stirred our emotions.

Whether in a time of crisis or at a holiday celebration, “the colors” have been held in high esteem. Although they are the classic symbols of our patriotism, in recent times some very strange things have taken center stage in our country.

The media and the liberal politicians have become fearmongers. They have an agenda that they cannot achieve by honest, seasoned analysis; so they resort to spreading rumors, half-truths and dreamed-up speculation.

Instead of red, white and blue, their mantra seems to be “red, white and boo.” They want us to believe they are patriots; but their game plan is so radical, they know they could never get us to go along with it. So they pontificate a false narrative, perpetrate division and purposely market fear.

Unfortunately, some of the “boo” crowd are religionists who hate fundamental, Bible-believing, soulwinning churches. They find a few among us like Demas, Alexander the coppersmith, and Diotrephes (II Tim. 4:10, 14; III John 9) and naively set out to destroy the entire crowd because of a few bad apples.

If Jesus had taken their tact, He would have disbanded and disowned the apostles following the Judas debacle. But instead of following Jesus, they keep crying “boo,” trying to scare people off.

Then there are the secularists— the networks, Hollywood, Big Tech and the liberal politicians. They hate the Constitution and they literally hate America. Because they have swallowed the atheistic, socialistic poison, they also hate God, the Bible and Christians. They intend to dismantle this great country and reinvent it according to their wishes.

They know if we all sat down together and they told us honestly what they want, the overwhelming majority of Americans would balk. So they keep yelling “boo” in hopes of scaring us into complicity with them.

Folks, whether we are talking about church or the country or both, it is time for us to rise up, stand up and speak up. If we let these wicked perpetrators control the conversation, our freedom will soon be gone.

I love George Duffield’s song “Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus.”

Stand up, stand up for Jesus!

Ye soldiers of the cross;

Lift high His royal banner;

It must not suffer loss. Amen!

The “red, white and boo” dissidents have taken charge. They are in control of many churches and they are running the show in Washington, D.C.; but you and I can still show our true colors day by day and year by year.

For the sake of our faith, our families and our freedom, let’s stay faithful.



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