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The Abortion Racket Still Killing the Innocent Unborn!

As I made my way through downtown Nashville on I-24, I noticed a billboard with a picture of a young woman and the words “Planned Parenthood is Healthcare.”

To any rational person, that is obviously a super colossal falsehood, a lie. Here’s why…

When the CDC’s latest abortion surveillance reports are assessed, the numbers are devastating. With approximately 750,000 abortions still being done annually in the United States, that is three-quarters of a million babies who are exterminated before they are born. That doesn’t sound like “healthcare” to me.

According to, “…nearly 42% of America’s abortions are now committed on black babies.” Since the black population is only 13% of the total population, it looks to me like they are being targeted.

And who are the loudest advocates for abortion? The so-called progressives (liberals)! Their political advocacy is done by the Democratic party. It is their number one hue and cry. You almost never hear of a Democrat officeholder who is pro-life, almost never.

There is no way to put a positive spin on the slaughter of approximately 64 million unborn babies. I use the word slaughter because surgical abortions are absolutely butchering the little ones.

The trend now is pharmaceutical abortions, but whether the abortion is surgical or pharmaceutical, it is not healthcare. It is the execution of a baby. It is murder!

Because they are aborted, the innocent unborn will never get to be born. They are alive in the womb, but their life is ended before they can be birthed.

If the unborn baby were not a life (as the butchers claim), they would not be concerned about its birth. But it is alive and they know it.

We have hammered hard on this issue for decades, and we will, with God’s help, continue to do so as long as even one unborn baby is at risk.

Let’s keep our pulpits vocally pro-life.

Let’s urge everybody to vote pro-life.

Let’s not fund anything or anybody that is pro-abortion.



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