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The Christian Culture

If you watch the networks no doubt you’ve heard the liberal media throwing “rocks” at the conservative Christian and patriotic American crowd. That’s not a new development, but the pace of their vitriol has picked up quite a lot this year. One of their attack strategies is the targeting of what they call “Christian nationalism.”

They want everybody to believe that Christians are intolerant, even dangerous, to anyone who is not Christian. It is a lie, of course, but they are pushing that narrative in their lust for power and their determination to create a fully “secular nation.” They are attacking religious freedom, especially where Christians are concerned. The precious freedom of free speech which is clearly delineated in the U.S. Constitution is also being infringed upon and threatened every single day now.

These secularists who hate Christians so intensely are the ones who are intolerant. They are the ones who silence their critics. They are the ones who revile anyone who has an opinion that conflicts with the liberal narrative.

They are the advocates of “the cancel culture.” If they can’t get us to shut up, then they will try to shut us down. They are a disagreeable, anti-God, anti-Christian, anti-Constitution, anti-capitalism, and anti-American group.

When they rail about “Christian nationalism” they say that Christians have in mind to shut everybody else out. If they can find even one example of that, I would be very surprised. But it is an old, deceitful political ploy. They accuse their opposition of the very thing they are doing.

But let me talk about the “Christian culture.” Christians do have scruples (Bible-based) against theft, arson, lying, and cheating.

We do have a moral compass about right and wrong.

We do have a voice which we use freely and frequently to advocate what we believe.

We do solicit others to join us and welcome them when they do.

We do not and we will not force anyone to think as we think, to believe as we believe or to do as we do. We will advocate, we will encourage and we will evangelize, but we will never coerce anyone to become a Christian.

We still stand up and use our First Amendment rights (as do our critics and our adversaries) to make the case for what we believe is right.

In other words, it is the “culture” of Christians to:

1. Be bold, be aggressive, be straightforward in the representation of our cause.

2. Be a peaceful people; but if you threaten our way of life, our safety, and our well-being, then we will fight back.

3. Treat others as we would like to be treated (Matt. 7:12).

4. Be the ambassadors of our Lord every day everywhere we go (II Cor. 5:20).

5. Be a testimony to the principles we find in God’s Holy Word.

6. Be neither intimidated by opposition nor discouraged by the circumstances of these times.

7. Be relentless in the pursuit of our God-given mandates. If we lose a round or two, we will not quit. But if we become winners, we will be gracious in handling the responsibilities entrusted to us.

So let me be clear. We are living in very troubled times with lots of angry, hate-filled, belligerent opposition. The battles of 2021 are many and they are very intense.

None of us could have imagined a few years back that our country would fall apart so quickly. We are, nonetheless, in a huge conflict. The atheist, humanist, Marxist crowd has a massive presence in the USA and they are pushing hard to remake our country into something we have never been.

If you and I do our job as we should, that wicked, worldly crowd will hate us and they will attack us. We understand that, but we cannot quit. We must not give in to them. If we do, they will run over us roughshod. We simply cannot let that happen.

We are Christians and we will use our influence and whatever leverage we have to keep our “Christian culture” growing and flourishing.

Let’s not let these rock-throwing critics drive us away.

Let’s keep preaching the Gospel!

Let’s keep teaching the truth of God’s Word.

Let’s keep making church a priority.

Let’s keep building strong families.

Let’s keep winning people to Christ.

Let’s keep living the Christian life.

Let’s keep standing and with-standing.


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