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While It Is Day

“I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.”— John 9:4.

Today we have freedom, but who knows what tomorrow may bring!? Today we have life, but it is passing by very quickly! Today we have opportunity, but who knows when every such door will close?

Consequently, we are wise and we are well-advised to do now what we should do and what we can do. We are frittering away the day, we should remember that “the night cometh, when no man can work.”

Therefore, it behooves us to do the following.

While it is day,” set aside several hours—several times—this week to go soul winning!

While it is day,” stand up on Sunday—this Sunday—fully prepared and prayed up and preach!

“While it is day,” survey your area, strategize and create a plan for influencing and impacting it.

While it is day,” give full attention to your local church to make it the very best it can possibly be— in every way.

While it is day,” get on board with those of us who are involved in a worldwide missionary outreach and help us do—now—what we should do.

While it is day,” clean up your act, walk the walk and determine to give the Lord first place and full charge of your life!

While it is day,” take a stand! Let your voice be heard on every key and vital issue that arises. Yes, “while it is day”!

Now is the time.

So What Do We Do Now?

It will not be an easy matter to fix. But easy or not, we cannot give in, surrender our nation and let our families be destroyed.

1. We must remember that we are Christians.

2. We must believe God.

3. We must herald Bible truth.

4. We must preach Christ and get out the Gospel.

5. We must win people to Christ.

6. We must put church in high gear.

7. We must take back our pulpits and preach with power.

8. We must renew our vision for capturing our towns and restoring our nation.

9. We must pray big prayers.

10. We must take a strong stand against every aspect of ungodliness in our towns.

11. We must build strong Christians and train them to function faithfully and fruitfully.

12. We must give no quarter to discouragement, defeat, or intimidation.

13. We must stay on the front lines of the battle.

14. We must flood our neighborhoods with biblical literature.

15. We must start lots of new churches.

16. We must start many, many church bus routes.

17. We must get our young people in Christian schools and Christian colleges.

18.We must set a clearcut, godly example publicly and privately.

19.We must build strong families.

20. We must support ministries like the Sword of the Lord that have a nationwide voice and national influence.

21. We must show up, stand up, speak up and refuse to shut up until the trumpet sounds.

If all of this sounds familiar, I’m glad because it is exactly what we should have been doing, what we are doing today and what we should continue to be doing tomorrow.

These are troubling times; but we are the foot soldiers in the Lord’s army and we must not fail to do our God-given duty. Amen!


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