Through the Years

On April 27th I reached the 24th anniversary of my tenure as president and editor of the Sword of the Lord. It seems like only a recent yesterday that I walked in for my first day in the office; but in reality, it has been almost two and one-half decades.

After my years as pastor, this was a significant change for me. I loved being a pastor, but I also love what I do now. The work here at the Sword of the Lord is very enjoyable to me and I am still preaching a lot.

In so many ways I am privileged and I am blessed. I thank the Lord for His goodness, His mercies and His blessings on a daily basis.

Through the years the Lord has allowed me many opportunities. I’ve preached in so many, many places here in North America and in 30 other countries of the world.

Through the years I’ve seen many hundreds, indeed, thousands of men, women, boys and girls come to Christ. In one-on-one soul winning and in services where I’ve preached, I’ve been enabled of the Lord to win souls.

Through the years the Lord has blessed with resources to provide for the funding of the ministry. In ways that could only be God-given, I have seen His sweet promises fulfilled again and again.

Through the years I’ve had the joy of working alongside some of the finest Christians on the planet. What a blessing to have such friends and fellow workers!

Through the years I’ve known personally the giants of yesteryear. I have preached in great confer­ences alongside many of these wonderful men who are now in Heaven.

Through the years I’ve had a platform for preaching the Gospel and declaring the whole counsel of God. I have not always been popular, but I’ve tried to be right and do right whether or not I’m popular.

Through the years I’ve preached from the same Bible, preached its truth and unashamedly identified with the crowd who did likewise.

Yes, through the years we have enjoyed quite an adventure, a journey of joy.

Now entering into my 25th year here at the Sword of the Lord and through the years ahead, here are my scriptural guidelines that I want to keep front and center.