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The Abortion Battle Still Center Stage

On January 22, we will mark the anniversary of the insane and infamous Roe v. Wade decision of the U.S. Supreme Court (1973) which legalized the senseless slaughter of unborn babies for virtually any reason.


As a result, more than sixty-three million babies have been deprived

of the most basic of rights, the right to life.


Truthfully, the most dangerous place in America is a mother’s womb. If you count up all the American lives

lost in all the wars fought since 1776, it would not be as many as the number of abortions.

Thankfully, conservative, sensible pro-life advocates are intensely anti-abortion. Many of us have stood up again and again to lend our voices in support of the innocent and helpless unborn.

But the liberals have been relent less and blindly oblivious to the gruesome reality of the abortion scenario. They are rabid in their zealotry and ruthless in their resistance to all pro-life concerns.

While some progress has been made with abortion restrictions legislated in a number of states, there is still a long way to go. The battle is still center stage all across the nation. Let’s take note:

1. Life does begin at conception!

If the fetus is not alive from the outset, why do the abortion advocates care one way or the other? Well, we know and so do they. The fetus is a baby!

2. There is no constitutional justification for abortion!

When the judges ruled to make it legal in 1973, they rested the case on a twisted interpretation of the Constitution’s “right to privacy” provision. The late, great Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said it well in a visit to the Oxford Union: “The Constitution says nothing about [the right to abortion].”

3. Much of the media is in the tank with liberal jurists, liberal legislators, liberal educators and, yes, liberal clergy.

Their warped minds are being driven to a degree of madness by their wicked hearts.

4. In recent months the liberals are starting to talk more about other death culture issues, namely, infanticide (the killing of born babies), euthanasia (right to die), assisted suicide, etc.

They are targeting the weak and vulnerable often under the “quality of life” umbrella. The liberals think that as people age and become sick, there comes a time when we have spent enough on them and it’s time for them to die. I’m not making this up and they are not joking. They are “deadly” serious.

5. Christians must always vote!

The pro-life cause is reason enough and if only for that cause alone we must use the privilege of the ballot to stand up for the unborn.

6. “Strict constructionist” judges who rule based on the Constitution rather than creating law with their biased rulings are necessary.

In just three years President Trump has appointed about 170 federal judges who are strict constructionists. He promised that and he has delivered on it.

7. Our pulpits must not go silent!

When evil rears its ugly head, those of us with a microphone must “cry aloud, spare not” (Isa. 58:1) without letting up. It is our duty under God to tell the truth and that means giving the Devil his due.

8. We must encourage our public officials.

Believe me, they hear from the other side. In a personal conversation I had with President George H. W. Bush, he thanked me for taking a stand and then said, “For every one like you who comes in to see us, there are twenty to thirty or more of the others.” Other public officials have expressed similar sentiments to me.

9. We must never be intimidated!

If they can cower us down and push us into the background, they will press forward to continue to do their dirty deeds. We must not let that happen.

10. We must not give up!

We must stay at it as long as there is even one doctor or one hospital where a baby’s life can be eliminated (murdered) simply because someone made a “choice” to do it. That choice is barbaric, un-American and totally unchristian.

• • • • •

Yes, the battle over abortion is still center stage. It is a big battle on a big stage, but we must stay in the battle until the slaying of babies has totally ended.

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