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Let's Get Real

When it comes to the Great Commission of our Lord (Matt. 28:19,20), it is often viewed in general terms without any real personal responsibility assumed. Talking about world evangelism can be a cover story masking the fact that no real attention is being given to winning the individuals in that world. The greatest motivators in soul winning are the mandates so clearly given in Scripture (Matt. 4:19; Luke 14–16; John 4:35; Rom. 9:1–3; 10:1–4; Acts 1:8). Surely if we get real about what we read in these passages, it will stir us to action. But let’s also consider that the people we meet today are real people with a real need and a real future.

Real People!

The people who jam our freeways at all hours are real people. The folks who fill the hospital beds today are real people. The men and women in the military are real people. The aggressive business people are real people. The kids in the schoolroom are real people. The policemen, the doctors, the politicians, the truck drivers and the farmers—the two million plus people who fill our prisons—are real people. The haggard and hapless homeless person is a real human being. The clergymen; the taxi drivers; the TV and radio personalities; liberals and conservatives; Democrats and Republicans; Catholics, Protestants and Baptists; though not all alike, are all real people for whom Jesus died and rose again. They all need to be saved. They are living their lives one day at a time and facing an eternity either in Heaven or in Hell. So, dear fellow Christians and my fellow servants of God, let’s get real about this.

Real Convictions!

We can start by taking a good look at what the Bible says and then surrendering ourselves to the Lord’s bidding. If our convictions about being lost, salvation and eternity are not real and solid within us, then we are not likely to contribute in any real way.

Real Compassion!

The Bible tells us that when Jesus “saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them” (Matt. 9:36). If we have real compassion, we will see people the same way that the Lord sees them. They may be up-and-out, or they may be down-and-out. Either way they are plunging aimlessly toward eternity. They may not see the need they have; but when you and I see them through the lens of Scripture, it will stir real compassion for them.

Real Preparation!

We need to learn from those who do it and get ourselves trained to present the Gospel message. Haphazard behavior on our part does not properly represent the Lord.

Real Effort!

Get it on your mind! Get it on your schedule! Make it your agenda! You can’t win someone to Christ unless you make the effort.

Real Enthusiasm!

It is okay to get excited about winning souls. Something isn’t quite up to par when we can talk excitedly for hours about football, basketball or baseball but utter nary a word for souls all week long. A lack of enthusiasm is likely a good indicator of coldness, carnality, compromise and such like.

Real Steadiness!

The “always abounding” passage (I Cor. 15:58) begins with “be ye stedfast.” If you expect to be an abounding Christian, you will first need to be a steadfast one. Instead of running hot, turning cold and then warming up again, the “stedfast” Christian fixes his attention on the right things and determines to be “unmoveable” there from.

So let’s recap! Real people! Real convictions! Real compassion! Real preparation! Real effort!

Real enthusiasm! Real steadiness! Now that’s what I call getting real!

Now is the time to get going on this. Don’t put it off.

Today is the day to “get real.” Amen!

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