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America in Crisis

The immediate past liberal Chicago mayor famously said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” He and a significantly large group of others seem to be sold on that philosophy. When a catastrophic crisis comes along, they utilize it fully to gain and maintain power. Their agenda is all that matters to them and they go to extreme, radical lengths to achieve their goals.

The COVID-19 crisis was a perfect opportunity for them to maneuver the public and milk the situation for all they could get out of it.

Then the Minneapolis crisis developed out of the tragic death of George Floyd. Although his death has been universally heralded as a miscarriage of justice, the liberal revolutionaries seized the opportunity to loot, burn and kill.

These dissident radical groups were lying in wait with full funding from billionaire George Soros and others. What started as a protest against the unnecessary death of Mr. Floyd quickly became a crusade of hatred and violence. These radicals who hate America fanned the flames of division and mistrust in order to further their socialistic, revolutionary agenda.

With rare exceptions the 800,000 law enforcement officers in America are good people doing a good job. But occasionally you get a bad one, as you do in any profession.

I believe the record will clearly show that the 18,000 police agencies in America are diligent in dealing with rogue cops. Again, there may be an exception here or there, but we believe it is an exception and not the rule.

Therefore we support our men and women in blue without hesitation. If one of them does wrong, we will say so and insist that appropriate action be taken. But day to day in neighborhoods all across the land, the men and women in blue risk their lives repeatedly to keep us safe.

At the same time we openly, publicly and fearlessly say that we want all of our citizens in every neighborhood to be treated with the dignity and respect that is due to all of us who live in a free republic.

None of what I have said here is a new position for us. It is the stand we have taken and the way we have lived throughout the years.

Let’s pray for our country.

Let’s pray for and communicate with our leaders.

Let’s preach the Gospel clearly and faithfully.

Let’s be soul winners and lead people to Christ.

Let’s preach and teach the whole counsel of God fully and frequently.

Let’s not cower to liberal critics.

Let’s stand for what’s right at all times and at all places.

Let’s vote every time the polls are open.

Let’s give no place and no space to hatemongers, criminals, etc.,

who seek to divide, loot, burn and overthrow the government.

Let’s show love and respect to everybody—red, yellow, black, brown and white;

rich and poor, young and old, male and female.

Let’s not let Antifa and other such groups destroy our nation.

Let’s find solutions where there are problems.

Let’s be the kind of Christians who will stand up with our biblical convictions

and do all we can to be a blessing to everybody we can.

Our nation is in crisis and we must not sit idly by.


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