As the World Churns

Some of you will remember the old way of making butter. With cream in a jar you shake it vigor­ously for a period of time. It takes a while, but the churning will eventually turn the cream to butter.

Others of you have been on the ocean when the sea became turbulent. The churning of the waters gave you a very rough ride.

Well, the term also applies to the ongoing, noisy, boisterous upheaval here in America and in numerous other nations across the globe. We are living in a time when the chickens are coming home to roost.

Disorder, distrust, dysfunction and other like matters are no longer the exception; they are the rule. Hate and hostility, vengeance and violence, atheism and anarchy, vitriol, lies and thuggery are com­monplace. Death and destruction are now a societal pandemic.

Our planet makes a full revolu­tion on its axis once every twenty-four hours, but our society is spinning out of control every hour of the day. Walking down the street in broad daylight is no longer safe. Children playing in their own yards are at risk. Businesses are subjected to shoplifting, holdups and the smash-and-grab mobs.

In a word, you could say our world is on fire. The problem is it is the wrong fire. Left to them­selves, the people in our world will spin out, their lives will end and they will live forever in the fiery domain of an eternal Hell (Luke 16:19–31).