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Revival Is Right, Much Needed

Several times in America there have been periods of genuine revival. They have usually been brief but powerful. When real revival comes, the influence and impact of it will last longer than the revival itself.

One person may get right with God and give himself to God for a lifetime. So even if the revival has ended, the one person may keep on getting results for many years to come.

You can never measure the success of your efforts and know for sure just what you've accomplished. When it seems you're getting nowhere, don't despair. You may be getting far more done than you can see.

There may be a preacher boy or a missionary in that class of rough-and-tumble kids. Those bus kids may be hard to handle at the moment, but you can never be sure what kind of a "diamond in the rough" is in the group.

Defeat is not on God's program. Discouragement must not be nurtured. Faith is the key. Faithfulness is the norm. Fruitfulness is the goal.

Somehow we must convince the church-going folks that revival is right and needed. We must demonstrate to them that you can't get revival without going after it in the right way. You can't make an omelet out of gravel and you can't get a revival out of the world, the flesh and the Devil. Twice-a-month church attendance, tithing when you feel like it and "Now-I-lay-me-down-to-sleep" prayers are not the ingredients of revival.

Somebody has to have a commitment in faith, walk with God, pray strong prayers, be filled with the Spirit, be soul-conscious, keep himself clean, stay separate from compromise and apostasy, go soul winning, tithe, stay in church and keep his heart tuned to the frequencies of Heaven. Cancel your "oh me's" and call an "amen" every few minutes. Stop your hassling and haranguing and get on "Hallelujah Ground" for awhile.

The world is lost and dying and paying little heed to us. When our greatest concern is what theme-park we're going to this weekend, revival won't come. We've got to get the things of God on the front burner and keep them there. We can't keep doing things the way everybody else in town is doing without getting the kind of unfruitful results they get.

So let's pray for revival. Let's employ scriptural methods and standardsfor revival. Let's preach a scriptural messagefor revival. Let's shut down our busy-work and get on with God's workfor revival.

Will somebody say "Amen"?

Thank God, we have good men, godly pastors, preachers who are men of God; and we have churches with this type of heart for revival.

May their tribe increase!


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