See You Next Year!


Although we have our eye on the sky and our ear tuned to hear the trumpet, should the Lord not return, 2021 will be here very quickly.

I read today where a well-known evangelical leader declared to his denomination that they must “change or die.” His pitch is so common these days as to be hackneyed. It is an appeal for churches to allow the evolving culture to have a seat on the platform at Sunday morning church time. Such compromise is heretical foolishness, but it is common in a lot of churches today.

Well, I have an announcement to make. When I “See You Next Year,” I will still be opposing that ungodly nonsense. We will not budge even one silly centimeter in that direction.

When I “See You Next Year,” we will have

I. The Same Bible!

Everything rises or falls right here. Either you have an authentic text, or you don’t. Either you have a text from which you can declare, “Thus saith the LORD,” or you don’t. Either you have a Bible that is undiluted and undefiled, or you don’t.

If you have a King James Bible, you have exactly what you need. Whether reading my Bible, teaching it, preaching it or witnessing one-on-one in 2021, I will have in my hands “the same Bible.”

II. The Same Vision!

COVID may slow us down, but our goals are unchanged. Heaven is sweet, Hell is hot and both are real places. Everybody who lives will die someday (unless the Lord comes first) and everyone will go to either Heaven or Hell.

In order to escape Hell and enter Heaven, we need a Savior. Jesus is the Savior and He has commissioned us to take the message far and near.

III. The Same Doctrine!

The culture always clamors to be heard, but they need to be the ones who hear. Our message remains the same; namely,

1. we were created, not evolved;

2. we have an inspired, inerrant Bible, the Word of God;

3. Jesus is the Messiah (Christ) promised of God throughout the Old Testament;

4. salvation is available to everybody;

5. salvation is received by God’s grace when we put our faith (trust) in the Lord Jesus;

6. baptism is by immersion—for believers only;

7. the local church is God’s idea;

8. Sunday is the Lord’s Day;

9. the Christian life is one of holiness and godliness;

10. the Lord is coming again someday (pretribulation, premillennial);

11. Bible truth is always true and needs no revision or modification.

IV. The Same Convictions!

We have convictions based on the great truths (doctrines) of the Scripture. We have been and we will be strongly opposed to alcohol, abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, homosexuality and same-sex marriage.

We have taken and we will take a stand against Calvinism, Arminianism, the ecumenical practices and the charismatic movement.

We still believe a man is a man and a woman is a woman and they should act and look the part in a distinctively defining way. Yes, I mean grooming, clothes and whatever else is involved.