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Start Fresh

Soul – Winning: Dr. Shelton Smith

Now is a really good time to make a fresh start in soul winning.

In 2020, we have all been faced with the restrictions and the fear generated by the COVID situation. It is no secret that we have led fewer people to Christ as a result.

Some churches, actually a lot of them, have totally shut down all their soul-winning, all their visitations, and all their bus ministries. Others have continued, with limitations, as much as they felt they could.

My review of this is not intended as a criticism of anybody; but with the COVID struggle continuing, I want to make a plea for us not just to sit and wait.

My mother would often say, “If you put your thinking cap on, you’ll figure it out.” Well, I’m thinking if we will set our minds to it, we will figure out some ways to be soul winners during all this upheaval. So let’s think.

1. We can continue to train soul winners. If you have not checked out the training videos and other material of our Sword of the Lord Soul Winners’ Club, let me recommend it to you. Whether your church is large or small, we can help you. We do not just teach soul winning; we train soul winners

2. Order lots of tracts and booklets and urge your church family to give them out everywhere.

Here are some suggestions. You can stamp your church information on these materials and then hand them out all over town. Some of these booklets are not salvation essays, but they will get the attention of folks and pave the way for you and your church family.

3. Soul-winning as we go.

Urge your folks to stay vigilant, go prepared, and take the opportunity to witness wherever their daily activities take them.

4. Order bundles of the Sword of the Lord newspaper and give them out.

You can also stamp your church information in the address area on page 1. I have personally given out thousands of copies of the Sword of the Lord right here in our city. For many years I have gotten a bundle of thirty-five—that’s every issue—and I give them away. I have had only positive feedback.

5. At the church plan a Sunday that will interest people.

Use your imagination, give it a try and get your church family to invite their family and friends. Whether it is a really big day or just a good, strong day, the effort could be quite fruitful.

6. Canvass neighborhoods and leave literature.

If you feel it is unwise or unsafe to have regular visits, leave material on the front door.

7. Use the mail.

Get creative; do an attractive newsletter; mail the booklets or the Sword of the Lord to targeted neighborhoods. As your budget will permit, let the postman help you with this.

8. Your church marquee.

If you have a marquee, use it creatively, warmly inviting folks to attend your church.

9. Find places in town to park your buses and vans that will remind people of your church.

10. Keep church services alive, friendly, warm and inviting.

In the midst of all this pandemic, your crowds may be smaller than a year ago; but your church can still be lit up and excited when Sunday comes.

So how about it?

Let’s gear up and get a fresh start, a rolling start,

and make the most of things we can and do the best we can to

“rescue the perishing; care for the dying

(Fannie Crosby) in 2021.

Let’s just “start fresh”!


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