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That Amen Word

Someone wrote to say that I surely use “that amen word” a lot! He’s right, of course!

It’s a word that every Christian should understand and use. It’s a good, Bible word.

You’ll find it here and there several dozen times sprinkled throughout both the Old and New Testaments. It means “so be it” or “it is so” or “that’s right.”

It is an expression of assent, agreement and commendation.

I use it when I preach! I use it when I hear others preach or sing! I use it when I write. I use it in my normal conversations.

It expresses often what I want to say.

It’s a word that hooks up well with edification. So when I’m edified, I say “amen”!

Entertainment is not a bad thing unless it’s bad entertainment!

Typically, if I’m enjoying some wholesome entertainment, I clap my hands; or if some individual is being recognized, introduced or commended, I clap my hands; but somehow when a good sermon or a good song is being rendered in a Spirit-filled way, it just seems fitting and proper to say “amen”!

It’s my preference and my practice! I think it’s a good game plan.

Perhaps you’ll try getting you a list of things to which you can refer often and as you do, let the joy of your heart say “amen.”

Try saying “amen” in a conversation with a crowd of people you do not know. It will communicate immediately that you’re connected to God!

Its very utterance reflects your witness! Try saying “amen” at least once an hour every day for the next week. It just may be the reminder you need to keep your walk with God in good form as you walk among men.

Try saying “amen” a few times when your pastor preaches! He’ll get over the shock quickly and I promise you his preaching will shift into high gear (with your help).

Try saying “amen” to your family and your co-workers. It’ll communicate to them that you believe God’s hand is in the midst of that to which you’ve put your hands.

Go ahead—try it sometime today!

Indeed, “that amen word” is one of my choice words which I frequently employ! And with good reason, I’m convinced!

Amen! Amen and amen! Amen, amen, amen!


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