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Wake Up, Dear Christian, Wake Up!

From roughly 1960 until this hour there has been an erosion of our nation that is today threatening the survival of the country as a free nation.

Over and over again we have waved the flag to signal the danger as we have trumpeted the truths of God. Some people have responded, but many Christians have slept right through it. If the sleeping multitudes cannot be soon stirred from their slumber, we will one day pass over the point of no return.

When we check the politicians, the educators, the entertainers and the media moguls, there is plenty of blame to be assigned; but I’ve never believed that they are the key to the wellbeing of our country.

The preachers, the churches and the Christian crowd hold the keys in their hands. This crowd must use their influence to keep the others in check. But we must be strong! We must be bold! We must be biblical! We must not cave to the chaos engulfing our country today.

So we must not hesitate in doubt of eternal facts and question God. We must not sit by while our cities plod their way to Hell. Let’s get up and get moving! Amen!

“And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep.”—Rom. 13:11.

Danger Lurking Everywhere These Days!

The pressure of the times, the clamor of the soft voices of compromise, and the evangelistic style enticement of our culture truly pose major dangers to all of us who mean business for Christ.

Pastors and churches can change their whole ministry so quickly that they may not even fully understand what they’ve done.

Fundamental-style faith and Bible-driven ministries have never been intensely popular. The naïve and clueless are always trying to make themselves acceptable to an old world that is in a sin-crazed tailspin.

But it’s a sinister trap! The short-term effect creates a few raised eyebrows and energizes the fringes. The long term is a disaster. Casualties among both pastors and laymen are certain in the wake of their having yielded to the cultural allure.

The Difference Is What Defines Us

Why have so many Baptist folks decided to “get like them” instead of holding a high standard and calling on the world to see the difference Christ and the Bible make? How foolish the clatter, even when it’s religious clatter, that eschews a standard of scriptural excellence and rejects the claims which demand a difference!

For so many years we lived and breathed believing that the difference we believed and practiced was truly what defined us. We do not now believe that we were incorrect. We do not believe the current trends have a bearing on that.

Therefore, we assert without doubt that the difference is still what defines us today.

The Easy Road Is Not the Right Road

“If you have men who will come only if they know there is a good road, I don’t want them. I want men who will come if there’s no road at all” (Livingstone).

One prominent independent Baptist leader said in a public meeting, “I don’t preach against sin anymore. I’m not going to say anything to offend anybody.”

Consider his dilemma. When I heard what he said, I was offended! Of course, he doesn’t care what I think about those kinds of people in his town (like me) who will be so offended they will not go to a church where such compromise is the norm.

“Easy” is not the norm in the ministry! It’s an uphill climb every hour of the day and night. If it’s “easy” you want, you’re in the wrong business.

The very nature of faith and ministry puts us in a position where we will (if faithful) be forever bucking the tide.

Compromise Is Rampant

It’s all over the place these days! In every town of any size, there are numerous churches that once held a straight line and took a definitive stand, but they don’t do it today.

They’ve changed everything! And they’re not even ashamed! In fact, they’ll combat the rest of us because we don’t go along. Unfortunately, when such carnality and compromise become rampant, some of its followers will unscrupulously defend themselves.

The “Change Train” Not a Good Ride

Call me whatever names you must, if you must, but I just don’t want to go where “Change!” is the primary rallying cry!

It’ll be a little here and a little there at first; but once they get you “headed,” they’ll want you to go further and further.

When you get on that train, it will be difficult to stop it from pulling into some places you never meant to go.

Excellence and Standards Not the Enemy of Evangelism

To hear some folks tell it, you’d think you can’t win folks to Christ anymore or that it’s so hard we can’t stand where we’ve always stood.

You don’t have to compromise and carnalize to get folks saved! Soul-winning still works! Bus routes still work! Preaching still works! You don’t have to get like the contemporary crowd to be successful!

Success Is Great, but It Must Be Godly

I love preaching to great crowds! I love having big days! I love having folks saved every day and down the aisles every service! It’s exciting to me! I would not want it any other way. I love it!

But I do not intend to reinvent the philosophy, the heart and soul of my ministry so as to live it up with today’s crazes and trends. I will not do that! That’s a price I am not willing to pay!

Success is great; but obedience, loyalty, faithfulness and truth must be first!

I’ve enjoyed more success in ministry than a lot of people could ever dream of, and I thank God for it. But I repeat: the route of compromise is not the highway to scriptural success! We must not sacrifice integrity on the altar of expediency.

It’s right to do right whether or not you ever have success.

Pleasing God Is More Important Than Reaching Men!

We do well when we understand what pleases God and then do it tirelessly, relentlessly, consistently, persistently, methodically, energetically and thoroughly—just do it!

The reaching of men pleases God but not when we compromise ourselves to do it.

Many Good People Are Standing and Sticking

The defections are noisy! We hear and see it! Some of our people pressure us to do likewise! It seems that the whole world is soft-soaping and going contemporary, charismatic, ecumenical.

But not so! Every day of the world (without fail) I get mail, I get phone calls and I meet people face-to-face who have

declared themselves strong and unmoving.

So many thank me for the stand we take in the Sword of the Lord! I rejoice to know they too are standing! There are a lot of us yet and we must not be led to believe otherwise! A lot of good pastors, great men, are standing and sticking! A lot of churches are simply not going to go off the trail we’ve been on for so long!

If We’re Together on Principle, We Ought to Pull Together!

If our fellowship is restricted because of prejudice, pride, personalities or performances, then we’re wrong!

But if it’s principle—Bible-based, scriptural principle—that separates us and prohibits our fellowship, then we’re on the right track. If we agree on principle, we ought to pull together and be in fellowship.

Ask yourself some insightful questions. If the answers line up, then you pull together. If not, then you don’t go there!

Friends Are Greatly Treasured

If you have friends, you would do well to treat them right. Don’t fuss over silly matters! You can have friends if you’ll be friendly. If you’re not friendly, what conclusion can the rest of us draw?

Again, friendships must be governed by scriptural principle— not by emotions, not by our pocketbooks, not by ego and what it can get us!

We ought to be friends with the folks whose faith and practice are like our own.

When Things Erode, Get It Right!

Relationships break down. Fellowship gets disrupted. It can and does happen among the most sincere and well-intentioned people.

Every possible thing should be done to make things right, restore whatever has been damaged and get back in place both relationship and fellowship. Sores should be allowed to heal. Amen! You can do your part. Where people have similar values and views, superfluous matters should not impede their walking together.

Don’t Let It End With Things Bent Wrong

So reach and get it! Don’t let it end with things bent wrong. Swallow your pride, acknowledge your heart and take the initiative to bring together those who should not have been apart any of the time.

May God in Heaven help us to take a stand, fight compromise and never flinch in the battle, while at the same time maintaining a loving, compassionate heart and a gracious fellowship with our brethren. Amen!


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